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Broken image in IE Windows XP only
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Author: johansosa

A broken image appears when using Internet Explorer in Windows XP (Strangely,
firefox in XP or even IE in Windows 2000 doesnt seem to have the problem).
My configuration is Windows XP SP2, Internet Explorer with the latest
updates. I confirmed on a different PC similar configured.

Furthermore, this bug was confirmed by Angela IRC:

<X_L_N_C> hi .. anyone here running windows XP .. go to ...
is there a broken image ? it only happens in XP .. seems to work fine on 2000
even .. noticed on two different PC's
<Angela> I don't see a broken image
<X_L_N_C> are you using IE ?
<Angela> no
<X_L_N_C> can you try it with IE and XP?
<Angela> weird. yes, it is broken in IE
<X_L_N_C> I noticed it last week .. but when I reported it on #wikipedia back
then ..nobody could duplicate it .. but today I noticed it from a different PC
<Angela> If I try to go to the image directly, it doens't even work in
Firefox -
<X_L_N_C> it could have been like that for over a week .. I may not have
noticed or gone there etc.
<Angela> why is IE trying to get the image from when links to ?

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC



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