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Email address for sending notifications from Email address for sending notifications from En-wiki
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Work with Operations to set up and test this new email address for sending Echo notifications, before we can deploy Echo to the Englis Wikipedia:

A ticket has already been filed and discussed by Luke and Terry with Operations. This request has been also approved by the WMF legal team.

But we are tracking this important request here, as a critical requirement for Echo's first release.

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To clarify, the original request was for two email addresses for the domain, but we have simplified the request to just one email address, to make it easier for Operations.

The ideal spelling of this email address would be:

But if it's easier for Operations, we are fine with just having a generic, which could be used by other products, besides notifications.

The operations ticket number is RT #4785, and our team's technical point-person for working with Ops on making this work is Luke Welling.

Based on the final settings that Operations gave us, let's start using these two new email addresses for our first release:



So on English Wikipedia, the same address would be used for both the 'From' and the 'Reply to', as so:

From: Wikipedia <>

Reply to: No reply <>

We have confirmed that these email addresses no longer bounce with failure messages when people reply to them, and now appear to be redirected to dev/null as intended.