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Enable claim in data for wbeditentity
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Author: swuensch

Currently there is no possibility to submit claims via the api with the module wbeditentity. If I add the claim like sitelinks etc. I get the error: "unknown key: claims".

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Confirmed:{"error": {"code": "not-recognized","info": "unknown key: claims"}}

This should probably be included within wbeditentity (although there are other ways to interact with the claims.

There is one problem on entity creation. The guid of a claim contains the entity number. When the entity is created, the new number is not known.
That means, claims cannot be given on creation. Or it is possible to get the new number before save? Should wbeditentity changed in that way?

Related to which adds the ability to edit claims using editentity

successfully merged and it works on item creation