If "Display if not empty" is checked then "Hold the list of values" doesn't work


Author: katkov.juriy

Create a PageSchema with the field that hold list of values and is displayed if not empty.
instead of getting something like.

{{#if:{{{test_field|}}}|! Test Field
{{!}} {{#arraymap:{{{test_field|}}}|,|x|[[test_field::x]]}}}}

You will get something like this:

{{#if:{{{test_field|}}}|! Test Field
{{!}} [[test_field::{{{test_field|}}}]]}}

I can see that on this page on the field BUGGY FIELD:

http://scratchpad.referata.com/wiki/Category:Q - the category and the page schema

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal

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katkov.juriy wrote:

this bug rather belongs to Semantic Forms because the source of an error somewhere in SF_TemplateField.php

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