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Donating through PayPal from the Hebrew landing page opens an English PayPal form
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Donating through PayPal from the Hebrew landing page opens an English PayPal form. It should open a Hebrew form, if it's possible. PayPal is localized to Hebrew.

My browser has Hebrew as Accept-Language, but I am still getting the English form at If it's possible to construct the URL in a way that would immediately bring the Hebrew form, it would make more sense.

Version: wmf-deployment
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Confirmed. Thanks for spotting this... It looks like we're not passing the language to PayPal at all!

We need a list of languages supported by, which is not easy to find. We can do a fallback algorithm to choose the least common language.

Frequent PayPal users will have a cookie that specifies the language of all pages after the first (according to docs).

From a (very little) bit of testing that I did, you can choose a country at the top of home page. After choosing a country, a list of languages that area available for that country is loaded.

As far as I know, Wikimedia Fundraising is meticulously targeted to countries. You can check it country by country, I guess.

Choosing the least common language is probably not a great strategy. I suspect that for a lot of countries that may be Chinese; it's weird, but it appears that Paypal offers Chinese for a lot of completely unrelated countries.

Another comment is that PayPal doesn't actually support a lot languages. In fact, I am surprised that it supports Hebrew, but not Arabic. (Gerrit Change I6afd7f57c6c2e7f7d26c18804c5eef13804404ef) | change APPROVED and MERGED [by Mwalker]

mwalker / Amir: Patch got merged, is there anything else to do here or can this ticket be closed?