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Namespace translations in Buryat (bxr): add Russian as fallback language
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Hello, I am temporary administraor @ Buryat Wikipedia ( Soul Train. I see that after the years almost all the Progect name-spaces are still in English Wikipedia. Here is the translation of name-spaces in Buryat languge done by native speakers. Fist of all we can be sure in the quality of these translation because of user - current, but inactive bxr.wikipedia sysop (Jargal). That is all that I can give in this request. No other discussions I can find. Buryat Wikipedia is very small project with small Community. I don't know Buryat language, so we have to trust in Jargal's translation (he teaches mongolic languages and mongolistics at the Buryad State University). And these translations are better that nothing.
So, I request to fix next name-spaces in
Media → Меди
Special → Тусхай
Talk → Хэлэлсэхэ
User → Хэрэглэгшэ
User_talk → Хэрэглэгшые_хэлэлсэхэ
$1_talk → $1_тухай_хэлэлсэхэ
File → Файл
File_talk → Файл_хэлэлсэхэ
MediaWiki → Викимеди
MediaWiki_talk → Викимеди_хэлэлсэхэ
Template → Загбар
Template_talk → Загбар_хэлэлсэхэ
Help → Туһаламжа
Help_talk → Туһаламжа_хэлэлсэл
Category → Категори
Category_talk → Категори_хэлэлсэхэ

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Why did you take it so long? Where are the comments? Where is your reaction?

I don't know who the "you" is in your sentence, but this bug report waits for somebody to pick it up and provide a software patch. This could be done by anybody (you and me included) by using Developer access

to submit a fix as a Git branch directly into Gerrit:

I absolutely don't understand this system. I have my own Wiki-site and I can edit bugs myself there. But this is Wikipedia project and I don't understand this system with accesses in many projects and so on. I'm geographist and editor, not technician.

Only a few days have passed, please be patient.

As you've already been told, this translation normally happens on
When the localisation to bxr will be usable (currently it's about 6 % translated), everything will be exported and sent to all MediaWiki installations. Can't Jargal translate on

If something is unclear about I'd be interested in feedback (though via email, as this bug report is about a different topic).

Nemo, unfortunately, messages did not export to bxr.wikipedia from, even those that were translated in 2011.

(In reply to comment #7)

Nemo, unfortunately, messages did not export to bxr.wikipedia from, even those that were translated in 2011.

It's what I just said. You need the translator(s) to translate all MediaWiki core most used messages or 18 % of MediaWiki core, as we've said multiple times. :) Is this impossible?

Is this required? And without this nobody can change name-spaces? This is nonsense. Can somebody simply change name-spaces?

I have less than 3 month of temporary adminship. I'm creating categories, editing templates and so on. I have no time to waiting forever when somebody translate those 100 % of messages. I need you, wherever you are, rename name-spaces to Buryat language. And, by the way, why system messages are in English language? Buryatia is Russian Republic and almost 100 % of Buryats know Russian language, not English. And also Buryat language uses Cyrillic script (as Russian), not Latin script (as English) so many international words simply no need do translate. Who was that funny user, who embed the English Pack of MediaWiki in Buryat Wikipedia? No wonder that this project have so small number of users.

Simple, nobody asked it.
Please file a separate request to make ru the fallback language for bxr, after confirming with the community that they don't mind the Russian default.

Here is discussion with previous sysop Gubin Michail:Википеэди:Community_Portal/Archive_2012#.D0.97.D0.B0.D1.81.D0.B8.D0.BB.D1.8C.D0.B5_.D0.BB.D0.B0.D1.82.D0.B8.D0.BD.D0.B8.D1.86.D1.8B_.D0.B2_.D0.BA.D0.BE.D0.B4.D0.B5
He agreed with arguments that I wrote above. Latin script for Buryat WP is very bad thing. Two variants: Russian or Mongolian pack. With already translated system messages. OK, I'll ask another native speaker, user Aldar Badmaev, it is important to know his opinion.

This is getting way beyond the scope of any bugzilla ticket. Changing the script of a project should be discussed with [[m:LangCom]], please ask them and bring this up where/how they suggest.

Can somebody rename name-spaces in Buryat languge?
And do not give me any links, I'm just asking you to rename it, I will not doing it myself, bacause I'm not technican.

Hello, here is the answer from Aldar:

«... As for the system, I think it is important to translate it in the Buryat language. If necessary, [using] Russian language.»

I don't know what "UP" means, but did you see comment 13? That's required before anybody can proceed.
People here try to help you getting this request fixed by redirecting you to the right places that need to provide input first. So I guess we are stuck if nobody plans to contact

On a personal note:
(In reply to comment #0)

MediaWiki → Викимеди
MediaWiki_talk → Викимеди_хэлэлсэхэ

Uneducated comment (I don't know the language): OnНюур_хуудаһан the section "Викимедиин түһэлнүүд" lists "Викимедиа төслүүд" for a link to, so I really doubt that "MediaWiki" should end up with the same translation as "Wikimedia".

Related URL: (Gerrit Change Ib017991214955d214710419e10cd8888fc89c744)

(In reply to comment #15)

«... As for the system, I think it is important to translate it in the Buryat
language. If necessary, [using] Russian language.»

Ok, let's consider this enough. I see that all the few messages on, as well as the translations requested here and all, are in Cyrillic, so the language is de facto in this script, and several users so far agreed that this is how it should be.

I've added a patch to make Russian the fallback language, this will also make default to Russian namespaces.
If there are differences in Buryat names for them, please translate them on and send users there for corrections, we can't pick translations for you (as Andre pointed out above, mistakes are possible).

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MediaWiki - MediaWiki
MediaWiki_talk - MediaWiki_хэлэлсэхэ

I agree that this would be better variant. (Gerrit Change Ib017991214955d214710419e10cd8888fc89c744) | change APPROVED and MERGED [by jenkins-bot]