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Obtain a list of edits to watched pages since last visit
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Author: ilyanep

What I'd really love to see in the watchlist display is a feature that remembers
your last pageload from that server (such as enwiki, etc.) and has a link that
shows 'See all edits since last visit'. This way I can see all the edits since I
left [for sleep or something else]

Cf. T29915: On Special:Watchlist, allow to hide non-bolded ("unread") entries

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Severity: enhancement



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lupin.wp wrote:

I've written a cheap javascript replacement for this at
[[:en:User:Lupin/listsince.js]]. It remembers the last time you loaded your
watchlist and shows you changes from then onwards.

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This request is almost fulfilled by the Preference "Expand watchlist to show all changes, not just the most recent", but that option shows changes divided into multiple days for some (or for no) reason. If I go away for multiple days and a page has changes on each day, I have to click to see the changes for each day instead of being able to click a single link to see all of the changes since I last visited the page. Please remove the day-by-day breakdown.