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Gerrit should include summaries of and links to inline comments in the cover comment
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If the inline comments were included (or had an option to be included) in the main cover comment, it'd be a lot easier to follow them. Links to the specific patchset file position in which they are placed would also make it a lot easier to get to them.

As it is (2 inline comments) just is not that useful.

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: normal



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The workflow is especially difficult when you have responded to existing comments on Patch Set N and then someone new comments on the same patch set. It seems the best you can do is visit every file in the patch set that has comments and Ctrl+F/Ctrl+G to search for the new reviewer's name.

Allegedly fixed upstream (2.9)! \o/
Worth running any exploding non-stable version or sacrificing entire herds of scapegoats just to have this one feature, IMHO.

I had noticed it was backported to 2.8 but not which point version; Legoktm points out you have to "switch to the new change screen in your prefs" (i.e. "Change View:").
I suppose this bug will be fixed (only) when our server is switched to the new change view then? (And I understood we're not going to do so that soon if ever.)

The new change view has some problems, yeah, but IMO it's an improvement over the current one – it just needs some polish. I switched to it already :)

There is a list of problems with new change view on at (I started it, Legoktm and Isarra contributed), feel free to add items or file them upstream.

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It has been fixed in

And we will be upgrading to gerrit 2.12 soon anyways.

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Yay moar comments!