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Inconsistent button sizing
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Author: massaf

Login Page Button (correct)

Button heights/paddings vary between pages on Wikipedia mobile. See the attached screenshots.

They should be standardized to match those on the Login Page (height: 39px).

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Severity: normal


LoginPage.png (935×386 px, 67 KB)



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massaf wrote:

Upload Image Buttons (incorrect)


UploadImagePage.png (936×385 px, 82 KB)

Does this just effect the photo uploads button?

massaf wrote:

That's the only place I saw it, though you could argue that the button in the Settings page is also inconsistent.

We should just grep for all buttons in MobileFrontend and make sure they are all using the exact same class. It will probably be a code reduction because we can delete whatever redundant classes are there.

The "confirm settings" button is kinda wonky (especially the fact that it's grayed out, which makes it look inactionable) and doesn't resemble any of our other buttons. It would be nice if it were made consistent with login, upload submit/cancel, etc.

And while we're at it, can we change the settings opt in/out buttons, too? They look like toggles but aren't; I've seen several users try to drag them instead of tapping. Also, there's a weird split-second flash of check-marks before they fully load.

The reason I ask is that all buttons are styled the same but it's possible certain buttons are adding additional styling which is what needs to be removed...

Maryana - I fixed the toggle issue [1] on the settings checkboxes (they are not buttons :)) a while back but that's an orthogonal discussion. The split second flash is also a known bug (bug 46906) which also has a fix.

Can you open a separate bug for colour of settings page save button?

[1] for button color, thanks to Munaf :)

I'm still seeing the toggle flashes – did those patches not get deployed? If not, I can make a separate story/bug for this, to make sure we prioritize taking care of it.

Related URL: (Gerrit Change I64c8d625b8332588316fc30eecd26b40ada13d46)

Munaf - Are you able to be clearer what the bug is here? I reset the padding for the photo upload buttons to be exactly the same as the inputs on the login form but Juliusz has complained they are wrong (see

What exactly should be padding left/right/top/bottom ? (Gerrit Change I64c8d625b8332588316fc30eecd26b40ada13d46) | change APPROVED and MERGED [by Jdlrobson]