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User groups returned twice
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I have a very simple test case:

		$user->setEmail( $email );
		$user->setPassword( $password );
		$status = $user->addToDatabase();

		if ( !$status->isOK() ) {
			throw new MWException( $status->getWikiText() );

		// Need to have an id first
		$user->addGroup( 'translate-sandboxed' );
		var_dump( $user->getGroups() ); die();

This prints:
array(2) {

string(19) "translate-sandboxed"
string(19) "translate-sandboxed"


It should return it only once.

Version: 1.21.x
Severity: normal



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The patch is broken. Does anyone have an idea why I sometimes get dupes but not always?