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VisualEditor: ve.getHash custom hashes are double-hashed
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Our current setup for custom hashing objects to to give them a method .getHash() which looks like this:

T.prototype.getHash = function () {

var someSubsetOfT = // code here
return ve.getHash( someSubsetOfT );


and to invoke we use

ve.getHash( instanceOfT );

However ve.getHash( instanceOfT ) === ve.getHash( ve.getHash( someSubsetOfT ) )
which isn't really what we want.

One solution would be to rename getHash to getHashableObject (or something) and have it return just someSubsetOfT directly.

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Ed, did you re-open because there's more to do, or because Jenkins dying meant the changes weren't merged? :-)

Reopened for 58241, but now that is done am closing again.