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Run updateArticleCount.php on German Wikivoyage once
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Because of the major priority bug 40009/45269 I ask to run InitStats maintenance script daily or at least weekly. The updateArticleCount.php script can be started with a cron job. After some imports the statistics page counter at the German Wikivoyage is now at 14.867 instead at about 12.600 ie the count shown is 15 % higher than the real one.

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: enhancement



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Really doesn't need ops to do it

It's really urgent. And we need this not only once but every day. The today's count at Wikivoyage/de is 15,143 instead of about 12,730. This problem is known to us since ten weeks. And nothing happens. Now, we make fools of ourselves.

The maintenance script can be started manually or by a cron job. Unfortunately we cannot do it by ourselves like in the past.

Back to "enhancement" for reasons previously explained: it's not a bug but rather an abuse of import feature, and such updates are always done only occasionally on Wikimedia projects.

reedy@tin:/a/common$ mwscript updateArticleCount.php dewikivoyage --update
Counting articles...found 12772.
Updating site statistics table... done.