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Wiki Release Team Quarterly Review on 2014-10-15
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Note that what is scheduled is a quarterly review, not a showcase. We need to agree on these definitions at T364, but in London I propose you organize a monthly showcase, at the end of every sprint.

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Then there should be an October showcase for the release work. Once I set up the task, how do you want to coordinate for a date and time?


Considering that T363 and T364 are still open, there were no September goals formally defined (T443), and that you have your first quarterly review in a few weeks, I would skip this showcase as well, and work on finishing the foundation first.

I just added the task that seem obvious blockers for this quarterly review, meaning tasks that would need to be resolved by then. This doesn't mean that there are not more. I just wanted to provide the basic examples.

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What are you looking for in order for it to be considered resolved?

The list of goals you planned to complete in September, as explained at T442#7

Please note: Ongoing tasks are not included.

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Have you reviewed the notes in the etherpad? If so, please reply to Tilman saying that you have done so. The slides are still missing. Once Tilman have everything, he will publish the notes at

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