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Categories marked as not existing when copy/pasted
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Author: swalling


In UploadWizard, if I type or copy/paste the name of a category I know exists, the menu incorrectly says that it does not exist unless I explicitly select the name from the dropdown.

Version: master
Severity: minor


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This doesn't behave like that for me i.e it works fine.

What version are you experiencing this on? can you provide a URL?

swalling wrote:

The URL is UploadWizard via HTTPS, of course. I am Chrome and just experienced this today.

I was copy/pasting, so it may be specifically related to that.

Thanks for the additional info.

So the bug is that on c/p UW incorrectly says that the category doesn't exist but then again later if you try to remove and c/p again its found.

So, maybe we are loading the category list a little late? I will try to investigate further.

Related URL: (Gerrit Change I72f318f02535600ed8dddcb1534ecdf9eccc71cc)

Change 65548 abandoned by TheDJ:
UploadWizard: Update 'exists' when we actually receive this info.

This is so old now, probably better if someone else picks it up.

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This has been corrected with the new UI we switched to per T112764. (See screenshots there.)