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Make wikitech an openid provider
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Hosting an openid provider on wikitech would allow us to more easily centralize a number of systems in an SSO way, rather than having to type passwords everywhere. It would also require two-factor auth for users who have it enabled.

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This is probably something that we could do via Striker a bit easier than via wikitech. If we can come up with a list of things that it would allow/unblock I can see if there is enough impact potential for me to put it into the roadmap for the next quarter.

On the other hand, having a stable and trusted MediaWiki extension that implements an OpenID provider could allow some really interesting things such as making any Wikimedia SUL account an OpenID that could be used around the Internet.

Bstorm subscribed.

SSO is currently out of scope and being worked on elsewhere. This kind of thing makes more sense around that.