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Email digest header tweaks
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We love Vibha's new design for the email digest:

But the category headers are so long that they are hard to parse and add unnecessary clutter. Consider these tweaks:
• remove the word 'notifications' after the category headers
• use the same short labels for each category as in preferences (e.g. 'page link', 'edit revert')
• require developers to specify a plural for those labels as well (e.g. 'page links', 'edit reverts')

Current requirements for this feature are outlined here, and will be updated based on our discussions:

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If we include bundled notifications in the digests, the counts in the headers aren't going to be accurate anyway. In that case, we should just have headers like: "Page Reviews", "Talk Page Posts", etc.

bsitu wrote:

I don't think there is a nice and clean way to reuse these messages, the only way I can think of is to change all 'echo-category-title-*' messages, for example, 'Page link' to 'Page {{PLURAL:$1|link|links}}, that will require passing the number 1 for singular case

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