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Use JSDuck syntax for inline examples in code documentation
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That is

For instance:

9: * Example usage:

107: * Example usage:

10: * Example usage:



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JSDuck's @example syntax is for a live demo of running code. For OOjs UI and VisualEditor this can be useful in places for classes and methods that are largely about their visual and interactive rendering (not about the shape return value itself). However I'm not sure that's useful in the case of the Translate extension.

To render code examples with syntax highlighting, just use three backticks (or indentation) to create a code section in JSDuck's markdown rendering. Closing this task as it doesn't seem actionable right now.

Right now Translate documentation isn't rendered/published anywhere, so in its current form the code examples are readable as-is. If they are published, one of the three examples will need to be indented for it to be preformatted correctly.