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Move mediawiki.special.js to a separate module
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The 'mediawiki.special' module defines

'scripts' => 'resources/mediawiki.special/mediawiki.special.js',
'styles' => 'resources/mediawiki.special/mediawiki.special.css',

but several special pages call only

$out->addModuleStyles( 'mediawiki.special' );

ignoring the JS. mediawiki.special.js currently only defines an mediaWiki.special namespace, so this is not causing any harm. Conversely, Special:RecentChanges does not addModuleStyles( 'mediawiki.special' ) and instead mentions it as a dependency of its script module, so it does not load mediawiki.special.css if JS is disabled; RecentPages doesn't seem to use any of the styles in mediawiki.special.css so again no harm.

I noticed this while researching how code handles addModule{s,Scripts,Styles}. Roan suggested that if code has CSS that should load when JS is disabled then it should be in a separate module to avoid this confusion, I don't see a naming convention for this (a '_nojs' suffix perhaps?).

Version: 1.22.0
Severity: minor



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./includes/specials/SpecialStatistics.php:		$this->getOutput()->addModuleStyles( 'mediawiki.special' );
./includes/specials/SpecialPrefixindex.php:		$out->addModuleStyles( 'mediawiki.special' );
./includes/specials/SpecialBlockList.php:		$out->addModuleStyles( 'mediawiki.special' );
./includes/specials/SpecialEmailuser.php:		$out->addModuleStyles( 'mediawiki.special' );
./includes/specials/SpecialAllPages.php:		$out->addModuleStyles( 'mediawiki.special' );
./includes/specials/SpecialListgrouprights.php:		$out->addModuleStyles( 'mediawiki.special' );
./includes/specials/SpecialSpecialpages.php:		$out->addModuleStyles( 'mediawiki.special' );
./includes/specials/SpecialProtectedpages.php:		$this->getOutput()->addModuleStyles( 'mediawiki.special' );
./includes/specials/SpecialUserrights.php:		$out->addModuleStyles( 'mediawiki.special' );
./includes/specials/SpecialAllMessages.php:		$out->addModuleStyles( 'mediawiki.special' );
./includes/specials/SpecialContributions.php:		$out->addModuleStyles( 'mediawiki.special' );
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There is no bug that I can see, though there is technical debt.

We never load "mediawiki.special" as a module, only as a stylesheet. So this is consistent.

The mediawiki.special.js file is for dependent modules, such as "mediawiki.special.recentchanges". This would likely cause the stylesheet to load a second time (T92747).

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