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"Do not invalidate translations" is ignored
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I checked every and all "Do not invalidate translations" checkboxes after (no doubt is possible because I did it very conscientiously) but at the next (bug 45894) edit by another (bug 46716) user all the translations have been invalidated, and (bug 44328) the translation page killed consequently.

This is causing disruption all over the wikis and may explain the major uproar on Wikidata, not always attributable to rogue translation administrators (I checked and often it was good ones killing translations for no apparent reason).
The bug may be considered blocker because it makes it impossible to understand what's going on and to debug bugs or instruct users about the "features".

Version: master
Severity: critical



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I had the doubt that perhaps a user has masochistically invalidated all translation for some reason with some magic, so I tested with another full translation: I added a space and all translations were invalidated.

Before my edit, the outdated translations were not counted as such at the top of the page, nor in LanguageStats, nor listed among outdated translations in Special:Translate.

byrial wrote:

This also happens on Wikidata and is very annoying.

How to reproduce:

  1. Take a fully translated text
  2. Edit something in the original
  3. Mark the original for translation and check "Do not invalidate translations"
  4. The translations are ''not'' invalidated here
  5. But edit something else in the original
  6. Mark the original for translation again
  7. Now the translation units from the first edit will invalidated.

Related URL: (Gerrit Change I44a4b5ae96fac6fb8110436c420a92f0640302de)

Patch fixes this issue. Merging. Will most probably be deployed to Wikimedia wikis in 1.22wmf3