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On Special:Translate, top link should always go to the translatable page you're translating
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"Translation of the wiki page" (MediaWiki:Translate-tag-page-desc) link at almost-top of Special:Translate when doing page translation uses Special:MyLanguage syntax. This means that the link always brings you to the same translation page (the page in your interface language) whatever language you are on.

Expected: the selection of the language (with TUX at top-right via ULS pop-up trigger) applies not only to message list but also to the link.

This is more confusing in TUX because usually the messages are truncated before the translation starts, so the message list is always completely in English (except in "page" view of course).

Version: master
Severity: enhancement



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Related URL: (Gerrit Change I8ac0e24058293b9bd9eb6203e081dc9b3d713f53)

The merged change ensures that clicking on the link will lead the user to the page in the source language, i.e. the page that is being translated, not the translated page, or the translated page in the UI language of the current user.