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Suggest to add WebFonts to Min-nan language
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Author: angiongchun

Hi, I suggest to enable WebFonts by default to Min-nan language (ISO 639-3 code: nan).
It is one of the languages of over-10,000 pages in Wikipedia (,
and because of lack of font supports in some mainstream operating systems (Windows, MacOSX, etc.),
additional font installation is required for the language.
Please see

Two of freely licensed SIL fonts, Doulos SIL and Gentium, are suggested in its wikis,
but I find Charis SIL is also suitable, which has almost the same coverage with Doulos SIL,
and is also used for Min-dong language, a related one in both linguistics and writing system.

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Âng Iōngchun: Are there links to these fonts, plus license information?

angiongchun wrote:

Hi Andre,

Sorry for not following the steps to add new language support.
I just test the fonts I mentioned in both Chromium and Firefox browser with Ubuntu,
both Gentium Plus and Andika, a sans-serif font with the same coverage, look good for me.
The Charis SIL and Doulos SIL look a little "blur", especially for the tonal marks.
But I would like to still suggest Doulos SIL, as it is recommended by the community.
SIL already provides fonts in TTF and WOFF format, so I only generate EOT version with ttf2eot utility.

So here is the list of fonts:

  1. Gentium Plus:

Web site (along with Gentium):
License: SIL OFL (according to:
Latest version: 1.510
Official download:
Prepared version for WebFonts extension:

  1. Doulos SIL:

Web site:
License: SIL OFL (according to:
Latest version: 4.112
Offcial download:
Converted version:

  1. Andika (Sans-serif):

Web site:
License: SIL OFL (according to:
Latest version: 1.004
Official download:
Prepared version:


Related URL: (Gerrit Change I2778f2e432bd9012fc985d8f10708a6ac7153ab3)

(In reply to comment #4)

Related URL: (Gerrit Change

I added Charis SIL to nan as non default font. Will add other fonts too. Meanwhile can you confirm you want Doulos SIL as default selected font?

angiongchun wrote:

Yes, please.
Since Doulos SIL is listed in the first position of recommended fonts,
I consider it is community's preference ;)