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Empty Wikidata entries showing in RSS feed on recent changes in wikipedia
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On the RSS feed on recent changes I get empty edits, which are actually changes that are made on Wikidata:

For example I see now an edit on the arctile "Ruta" where the feed shows a change of revision with the following link to view the changes:

It is obviously the same revision. Moreover, the change is shown to be made at "15:29, 14 april 2013", which is exactly the same time and user that is shown as the latest revision on Wikidata (at this moment):

I'm not sure whether this is actually a real bug or some "feature", but it doesn't seem to serve any purpose since my RSS client is being spammed with this useless information. I'm also not sure when this started to occur, but I guess after the roll out of version 1.22wmf1. With the previous version(s) I was not experiencing any of these issues.

Version: wmf-deployment
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Example of an empty change, representing a change on Wikidata


rss_bug.jpg (380×883 px, 148 KB)

winne2i wrote:

I confirm that this happens. And I'm almost sure it was also before 1.22wmf1. And I confirm that it's annoying. But that should be easy to fix, it's in the ApiFeedWatchlist.php.

These feed items should be easy to find as 'revid' and 'old_revid' are equal for them. But then there are two solutions:

  1. To mark them as Wikidata edits – this should be easy as they have no comment so that is a good place to use for a notice, e.g. "(change on Wikidata)".
  2. To extract them completely (do not show them). I'm not sure how. Maybe a simple if/else statement – function createFeedItem() returns new FeedItem. But I'm not a PHP specialist and I don't know if a code (in short):

function {
if (revid==old_revid) {… return new FeedItem(…)}
else {}
would work.

winne2i wrote:

I see also the 'notificationtimestamp' is empty and the useid is '0'.
I don't know which is safier and cheaper to use when fixing the bug.

P.S. Of course there shouldn't be else{} in my comment above ;)

winne2i wrote:

Hm, we can exclude them but… some may still want to see it. Nevertheless that's also a kind of information.

I don't think anyone wants to see this. The information on revision changes on items on Wikidata should be completely separate from Wikipedia, in terms of RSS feeds on Wikipedia. And even if someone wants to see this, it does not add any relevant information except that something has been changed (the changes are empty). However, if this is to keep for the RSS feed, then in my opinion it should be optional with the ability to activate it by using an additional flag. But certainly not as default.

winne2i wrote:

I committed If22827129b04d423711f921307dc820d4840d9d1 as a fix. It simply introduces a new value ('changed') for the param 'show'.
//Unfortunately I have no idea how to check how it works on my local wiki/vagrant, cause I don't have wikidata here ;) (Gerrit Change If22827129b04d423711f921307dc820d4840d9d1) | change APPROVED and MERGED [by jenkins-bot]

Gerrit patch got merged, can this bug report get closed as RESOLVED FIXED or is there anything else to do?

(In reply to comment #8)

Gerrit patch got merged, can this bug report get closed as RESOLVED FIXED or
is there anything else to do?

I assume that means that the problem has been FIXED. If it is not, please reopen.