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Configure $wgBabelCategoryNames for ca.wiktionary
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Author: aleator_wiki

Hello! We'd like to categorize those users that use the Babel extension at Catalan Wiktionary ( Now they don't categorize nowhere (e.g. has no categories). There are categories for language skills but they are obsolete and used within obsolete templates that we are deleting.
We'd like the same array structure as (e.g. for ca-1 it should be "Categoria:Usuaris ca-1". I think it should be "'1' => 'Usuari %code%-1'", and so on for the other levels). Whatever has on this structure, also for
We had a voting process at and the [small] comunity agreed.
Thanks and best regards!

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: enhancement



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Okay, I'm preparing your configuration.

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