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Search button not clickable in non javascript mode
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Replicated on the E52 and raised by a user:

The 'GO' blue button on the right of the mobile version 'search field' does not work at all on my Nokia N96 symbian S60 v3 since some weeks.

This is a new bug, so somebody modified something on this button. My phone native browser does not understand javascript, and I red on bugzilla reports that some buttons must contain several different overrided buttons at the same place, then different system can recognise one of them.

I think may be someone erased the buttons but the javascript one, which my Nokia native browser does not recognized. The cursor pointer does not even react on it at all.

Is it possible to restaure this button as was working well some weeks ago (and ask everyone to never touch it again) ?

Last year I was not found of mobile version, but now I enjoy it even on my desktop, as you suggested.

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Also replicated in Chrome. I blame the negative right value.

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