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[Regression] VisualEditor: Edit tab should have tooltip and accesskey
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Ordinarily there's an accesskey (e.g. alt+shift+E in Firefox) on the "Edit" tab in Vector. The accesskey is made known to the user through a tooltip. VisualEditor eliminates this accesskey and tooltip, and adds a new "Edit source" tab without an accesskey or tooltip.

Ideally both the "Edit" and "Edit source" tab should have accesskeys and tooltips to allow quick switching between the modes for power users.

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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to High.Nov 22 2014, 1:18 AM
bzimport set Reference to bz47396.

When mw.ViewPageTarget has its tabLayout in "replace" mode (where it replaces the regular Edit tab with a VE-version and adds an Edit source tab) the code explicitly copies over the label, tooltip and accesskey.

It appears this isn't working anymore. I worked a week ago. The code hasn't changed so it looks like something else has broken it.

Moving bug to Integration (perhaps the component should be renamed to "MediaWiki integration")

Related URL: (Gerrit Change If598552fac639da645a8b1273c5fc6028695fcc1)

Change-Id: If598552fac639da645a8b1273c5fc6028695fcc1

@@ -777,10 +778,10 @@

  • $caEdit.text(),

+ $caEditA.text(),

			$caEdit.attr( 'id' ),
  • $caEdit.attr( 'title' ),
  • $caEdit.attr( 'accesskey' ),

+ $caEditA.attr( 'title' ),
+ $caEditA.attr( 'accesskey' ),


Code is now merged and will go out on Thursday.