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icon and text of FancyCaptcha refresh can split across line
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FancyCaptcha "Refresh" icon and text split across lines

In the login form, if you enter a bad password 3 times, the wiki's captcha displays. In the new layout of the login form, the new FancyCaptcha request a new image feature can end up with the icon and text separated by a new line, i.e.

[input field] ↻

see attachment.

I think the icon and text should stay as one unit. A possible fix is to add to "white-space: nowrap;" to style fancycaptcha-reload, another is to make the icon the background image to the text (as in .mw-secure style), or they could shared a background that affects both on hover to clarify, etc.

Version: master
Severity: minor


2013-04-18_login_FancyCaptcha_line_wrap.png (537×488 px, 46 KB)



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