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Add AuthPlugin::getCanonicalName method
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Problem: auth plugins don't have the ability to provide canonical form for user
name (primary proper case) before a new account is created.

This patch adds a new method AuthPlugin::getCanonicalName($username), which gets
called from
User::newFromName. That'll gives any AuthPlugin extension a crack at munging
the name just before an account is created.

Will attach patch after submitting.

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Severity: normal



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Created attachment 739
Patch described in bug 2943


brion added a comment.Jul 24 2005, 9:49 AM

Applied to HEAD.

I had vaguely recalled in a conversation with someone (@bd808 perhaps?) that "I think getCanonicalName is my fault". This may be my earliest contribution to MediaWiki (which I rediscovered via git as e4480a80afb7).

I added this when I was trying to make it possible for Bugzilla and MediaWiki to share an auth system (via OpenID). There's more info about this on Mozilla's wiki: