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Make WikiLove heart icon fill up when WikiLove is given (similar to watchlist icon)
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The WikiLove heart icon is currently solid red. It sits next to the watch star icon, which is transparent with a blue border until a user clicks the star icon (i.e., watches a page), in which case the star icon becomes solid blue.

It's a bit strange that the heart icon appears to indicate that you've already doled out wikilove to the user by being solid red, particularly when it's juxtaposed with the "empty" (transparent) star icon. Perhaps the icon should use a red border instead.

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That's an interesting idea. I hadn't thought about the parallel with the watchlist icon. Adjusting title to be more specific (since we already have one bug related to the WikiLove icon).

BTW, since when are you using Vector? I thought you were a die-hard Monobook user :)

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BTW, since when are you using Vector? I thought you were a die-hard Monobook
user :)

This made me lol. :-) Don't worry, hell hasn't frozen over quite yet.

I was actually fixing an issue with an absolute-positioned div on a talk page that obscured the user interface in Monobook (but not in Vector) when I noticed the discrepancy between the two icons. I saw the filled in heart icon and thought, "The hell? I haven't given this user any wikilove." I'll upload a screenshot for this bug's reference momentarily.

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