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{{#special:}} parser function should not return textual error message for unknown special pages
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When the {{#special:}} parser function is called with an unknown special page name, it currently returns “No such special page” ({{int:nosuchspecialpage}}), i.e. a user-readable textual message where a page name is expected. (Or, in other words, instead of a title of a page in NS_SPECIAL, it returns a title in NS_MAIN.) This is especially strange in the {{#speciale:}} variant (which returns “No_such_special_page”).

This is surprising behavior. It would be more logical to just return the requested title (we are unable to return the _localized_ title of the special page, so just use the given one). (Or, an alternative solution would be to always return Special:Badtitle.)

Version: 1.22.0
Severity: minor



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