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$wgHandheldStyle not really useful - remove it?
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$wgHandheldStyle, added by Brion back in 2008 (dc821ec1 / r38116), it slightly useless - it was only ever implemented for Monobook, and the only use-case given was using Chick's CSS for mobile devices with Monobook being the default skin - and now Chick is no more and Monobook isn't even the default.

Apart from that, it's only used to load styles from [[MediaWiki:Handheld.css]] if it's set (ResourceLoaderSiteModule.php).

Either it should be used consistently for all skins, preferably inside ResourceLoader, or it should be killed off. Personally I'd vote for killing.

Version: 1.22.0
Severity: minor



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Related URL: (Gerrit Change Ia8d79b4a637a227eb1879fbb874173fdd9bd6d99)

I have tentatively submitted a patch to remove it at Ia8d79b4a, waiting for input.