ProofreadPage canonical namespaces should be canonical and not localized
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The core namespaces have a canonical names instead localized ones.

For example for a Finnish wiki:

<ns id="2" case="first-letter" subpages="" canonical="User"


But Proofreadpage uses the localized string too as canonical:

<ns id="250" case="first-letter" canonical="Sivu"


It should be instead:

<ns id="250" case="first-letter" canonical="Page"


Version: master
Severity: normal

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See also bug 37483.

This behavior were introduced in Gerrit change Iada3840561a68113985d778db731a3ef8af523e2.

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timothyausten wrote:

I do not understand the process here, but It appears that no one is addressing this bug because no one is assigned to it.

Aklapper added a comment.Via ConduitMay 9 2013, 1:31 PM

Correct. This bug needs somebody to write a patch to fix it, and anybody can do so:

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(In reply to comment #1)

I don't think that this behaviour have been introduced in change
Iada3840561a68113985d778db731a3ef8af523e2 .

Before the change, the localized namespaces where added to $wgExtraNamespaces in the configuration file of the wiki and, if the wikis wants, the English namespaces was also added to $wgNamespaceAliases . So the localized names where also used as canonical.

So, it's not a regression introduced by this change.

Tpt added a comment.Via ConduitJun 24 2013, 7:02 PM

Fixed by change Ie0800246e7b995ec4f3e9d19b0f6705fb72afa1c that have been deployed on Wikisources today.

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p.selitskas wrote:

May this have connection to bug 41324 somehow?

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