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<gallery> handling of link parameter a bit odd
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Gallery handling of link parameter is a bit odd (presumably due to recursiveTagParsing and trimming things before splitting up by '|' instead of after).



Expected behaviour: Link to
Actual behaviour: Link to

Foo.jpg|link= |caption

Expected behaviour: link to
Actual behaviour: it treats it as an internal link -

I suppose if we changed this we would have to be careful over breaking back-compat(?). In particular the whole recursiveTagParse thing probably means someone is using {{!}} to split up components.



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I'm going to add to this bug other oddities with the link= parameter in galleries (I'm not sure if it should be split, but seemed related):

  • Internal links with an anchor: The anchor is stripped from the link:

    File:Foo.jpg|link=Article#Anchor Is rendered with a link to Article

Test case:

Bumping importance & priority to normal, since for issues in comment 1 there are no workarounds (workaround for comment 0 is to leave the link= parameter at the end). Maybe it would make sense to split it, but I'm not sure if it's something specific to galleries or more general as Bawolff suggests

Qgil added a comment.Feb 21 2014, 8:07 PM

Also, it would make sense to expect that "link=" removes the link from the image just as it does in regular image links. However, the link persists.

I can file a separate bug about this, if that helps.

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