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Implement Lua interface / Scribunto Lua library for Language Converter
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An urgent use case is the need to call LanguageConverter::findVariantLink() to do proper title existence check.

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findVariantLink is also available as Language::findVariantLink(). Maybe it can be easily done with a few lines in mw.language.lua, but I'm not sure about this.

I was trying to introduce Wikidata-based annotated link to zh.wp the other day, and mw.wikibase.getEntityIdForTitle was not working too well for this exact reason. Anyone want to triage this task?

Looks like I need to:

  • find my developer account; relearn git
  • figure out We need to do Title:: anyways so there isn't too much a point
  • Pop a thing on the PHP end: includes/engines/LuaCommon/LanguageLibrary.php
  • Pop a thing on the Lua end: includes/engines/LuaCommon/lualib/mw.language.lua
  • Add tests: tests/phpunit/engines/LuaCommon/LanguageLibraryTests.{php,lua}

There we go, I guess. Simple as mw.language.findVariantLink(link : string) -> string.

…and on LC-enabled sites you are now supposed to replace all references to the title with mw.language.findVariantLink(title). Sounds legit as long as you only do it once and save up the result.

Pppery subscribed.

Removing Patch-For-Review as the patch isn't properly posted to Gerrit, which needs to be done for it to get reviewed.

We should no longer use mw.language (PHP class Language) for LanguageConverter.

This should be implemented as a separated library.

Proposed names:

  • mw.langconv
  • mw.languageconverter
  • (other proposals)
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