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Fix up ep_mediawiki and deploy it to
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Description is awesome, but broken for a bit. See the link and for the reason I don't want to deploy it yet - easy fixes if you want to spend some time doing leisurely changes in a CSS file.

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mtraceur: Where is the Labs instance of Etherpad these days? Does this also apply to

mtraceur: Can you answer comment 2 please?

mtraceur: Can you answer comment 2 please?

Sorry - this should read "prod", yes, I mean :)

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That seems like an unmaintained (last commit 2 years ago, 20 commits total) etherpad plugin. We have no plugins installed in our installation and for good reason. Whenever we evaluated any of them, they invariantly turned out to either not be installable or where of very low quality and crashed etherpad. Closing as declined, sorry :-(