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"Leave feedback" link has confusing scope
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The speech bubble icon and "Leave feedback" link in Visual Editor look like they apply to the page being edited. I was expecting a Talk: tool.

It would be more clear if the text were "Report bug in Visual Editor", but that's annoyingly verbose. Which is sort of the intention here, I assume ;) Normally, this link would get buried in a dropdown menu or something, IMO.

The problem is exacerbated if you are sort of blind and zoom in your browser a lot, because the VE feedback link becomes very prominent once the toolbar is wrapped.



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The feedback link isn't a VisualEditor item but part of MediaWiki core. Moving bug appropriately.

Adding many blockers of bug 38638 to the list of "easy" bugs, to mark them as candidates for [[mw:Google Code-in]] tasks (gci2013). If you think this bug is not suitable, remove the keyword.

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The link is now neatly tucked inside a dropdown menu. There's no screenshot on this bug, so I can only guess that it wasn't like this before. This probably resolves the issue sufficiently.

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Yep, from what I recall of the past and my understanding of the report, the issue looks solved.