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use mediawiki's HTML output
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Author: ralf_wikimedia

the collection extension should generate PDFs from mediawiki's HTML
output instead of using a custom parser and relying on mediawiki's
broken expand templates feature.
That would fix all bugs related to parsing mediawiki markup and expanding templates.

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Severity: normal



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I recommended this a few years ago, but we went with the second parser solution as it was already in development.

Using a headless WebKit browser to generate PDFs is fairly straightforward, but I'm not sure how best to handle combining multiple articles together etc. This wouldn't be a trivial project, but would be nice to investigate.

Parsoid HTML with RDFa might be a better starting point for print-specific customization as it contains a lot of semantic information. See

Another potentially relevant project would be, a JS library that prepares HTML content for printing in WebKit. It did not work in my testing and seems to be pretty cutting-edge, but there are probably ways to make it work as it is used by the booktype project.

Update re book.js: The demo at does not work for me, but the demos in the git checkout work both in Chromium 28 and Chrome 29:

git clone

(In reply to comment #4)

Is this fixed by the new PDF renderer?

I'd say yes. I'll leave the pleasure of closing this bug to the PDF team though ;)

The new PDF renderer isn't deployed yet; maybe we should wait until then?

mwalker wrote:

With the 'public' release of the OCG renderer; I'm going to close this bug.