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It seems to only be needed to run qunit tests but seems to be very unnecessary code for our mobile users.

See Change-Id: I84e0512590de9ff2dbdf519d983a0c1c2d007194

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The problem seems to be because the 'mediawiki.tests.qunit.testrunner' module depends on it. This is not a reason to add it to mobile.

Several options here

  1. Disable '' module on mobile but add target mobile to it in a qunit hook so it works in this mode
  2. Rewrite module to separate out qunit specific code into a separate module and enable that for mobile and replace the dependency to with that.


Note to give more background on this module:

the existence of this module on mobile unnecessarily loads jquery.checkboxShiftClick (which allows you to hold shift and click multiple checkboxes ... err how does this work on mobile where there is no shift key?!)

It also adds code to emulate placeholders on certain devices - which might explain a bug in opera mini I've come across where focusing the input shows the placeholder as the search term. This is a really unnecessary on mobile where support is pretty good [2] and placeholder implementations tend to be buggy.

It also runs code that adds accesskey hints to the tooltips. Tooltips are not a mobile thing... o_O

It also loads jquery.makeCollapsible and jquery.tablesorter on certain pages which are probably unnecessary/we can live without.

In summary this module should have never been enabled on the mobile site.


jgonera wrote:

For now, I'd opt for solution 1 with a bug report in core (mediawiki.tests.qunit.testrunner should not require plus a FIXME in our code pointing to that bug.

Related URL: (Gerrit Change I89d529f0378d90af0fe0a5adea5d5dbdca83a86e)

Related URL: (Gerrit Change Id79b90204badd82ebd02a9351ca0434c2cb47a21) (Gerrit Change Id79b90204badd82ebd02a9351ca0434c2cb47a21) | change APPROVED and MERGED [by jenkins-bot]