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Rename Module talk namespace for Japanese Wikipedia
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Author: burthsceh

At Japanese Wikipedia, namespace names are customized per Bug 23705.
Namespace names of Scribunto extension are translated per Bug 46082.
So I request to rename Module talk namespace 'モジュール‐ノート'.



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Severity: enhancement



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burthsceh wrote:

Gerrit change #61782

aokomoriuta wrote:

We at Japanese Wikipedia user "XXXX‐ノート" for talk namespace, so this request only standardize "モジュール・トーク", which is default translated name of "Module talk".

For non-native Japanese speakers (like me), what this change does is that it changes the default name for the Module namespace for jawiki from the current (and default) 'モジュール・トーク' into 'モジュール‐ノート', and adds the former as an alias.

I have no idea why jawiki community decided to translate the name of the namespace in a different way and then submit a local translation, but since that's what they requested…

burthsceh wrote:

The views of the old discussion requested Bug 23705 are following:

  • Oppose changing namespace names
    • 'トーク' is not suitable for jawiki and meaning in Japanese
    • '・' is often used, so using '・' in namespace names is discouraged
    • 'トーク', 'テンプレート', 'ヘルプ' and 'カテゴリ' are transliterated English words into katakana
  • Support changing namespace names
    • It is difficult to tell '‐' from other marks and to input '‐'
    • To standardize translation of 'talk'
    • should not use English words
  • Other
    • Talk namespace names should be united other word

In old discussion, many users oppose using 'トーク'.

Katakana words transliterated English words are often use in Japanese.

The next discussion stopped on the way to concurrence.

[1] [[w:ja:Wikipedia:井戸端/subj/名前空間名の変更への対応]]
[1] [[w:ja:Wikipedia:井戸端/subj/名前空間名の変更への対応/投票]] (vote page)
[2] [[w:ja:Wikipedia:井戸端/subj/名前空間名の変更提案]]

Thanks. (Gerrit Change I80d59e6068656cc80eb2d48a155e10346d77bc6c) | change APPROVED and MERGED [by Reedy]

The change has been merged into the repository and is now live thanks to Reedy.