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Cannot choose "Unknown value" or "No value" for a statement with Monobook skin
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Author: rsocol

When using the default skin (Vector), one can choose "Unknown value" or "No value" for a statement, by clicking the small blue gear icon next on the left of the second text box. With the Monobook skin the icon appears black and nothing happens when you click on it.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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This is caused by the self.repositionMenu(); call inside the 'click' event handler apparently not doing anything on Monobook - so the menu appears, but it's offscreen.

It probably depends on some brittle Vector functionality :(

Actually, it's even simpler: it just needs a z-index of 3 (because div#content has a z-index of 2 in Monobook).

Just add this CSS snippet somewhere to fix it: .wb-snaktypeselector-menu { z-index: 3; } (I'm not doing that since I have no idea where would it go :) ).

Actually z-index: 2; is sufficient.

Change 72516 had a related patch set uploaded by Michał Łazowik:
(bug 47942) Make .wb-snaktypeselector-menu visible on MonoBook

Change 72516 merged by jenkins-bot:
Make .wb-snaktypeselector-menu visible on MonoBook

Verified in Wikidata demo time July 17th