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Contributions page links "newer" though the list has under 50 items
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Author: sumanah

Example: has
"(Latest | Earliest) View (newer 50 | older 50) (20 | 50 | 100 | 250 | 500)"
but if you click on "never 50" you won't see more edits; you get "No changes were found matching these criteria."

This seems to happen on all WMF projects, e.g., it also happens on , and on other MediaWiki instances as well. The reporter said:

<Trijnstel> it happens on every project (I noticed it on a private wiki)

However it is not happening on so maybe it's just for registered users and not IP addresses.

I've begun looking for changesets that touched relevant code in the past few weeks - might be it.

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sumanah wrote:

I think this is high-priority because linking "newer" when there are no newer changes is substantially confusing.

sumanah wrote:

Anomie says that the patch I mentioned is almost certainly not related to this bug. Reedy says it's probably something in 1.22wmf3: in case anyone wants to track it down.

Its caused by I720946e . The bug was always present but we didnt use to limit by less than current year by default.

Related URL: (Gerrit Change I05fec226abb609b78a62f2a23f35d5b52a48ab1a)

Related URL: (Gerrit Change I05fec226abb609b78a62f2a23f35d5b52a48ab1a) (Gerrit Change I05fec226abb609b78a62f2a23f35d5b52a48ab1a) | change APPROVED and MERGED [by jenkins-bot] (Gerrit Change I05fec226abb609b78a62f2a23f35d5b52a48ab1a) | change APPROVED and MERGED [by MarkAHershberger]