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Persistent "Unable to write to directory" Installer error with SQLite backend when SELinux is enabled
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I tried to install 1.22alpha (from git master) on Fedora 18 with SQLite backend.

Puzzled why I still got "Unable to write to the directory X. Change its permissions so that the webserver can write to it, and try again." even after running "chmod a+rwx" on that directory, I finally realized that running

setenforce 0

does the trick. SELinux to blame here, but not clear at all.

So I'm wondering whether it's worth to check for it, or at least to mention in the error. Maybe combined with checking system/distro (via "lsb_release -a"?) and/or checking the SELinux status (via "cat /etc/sysconfig/selinux"?).

Version: 1.22.0
Severity: enhancement



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(via "cat /etc/sysconfig/selinux"?)

Running "sestatus" might be even better, provides
SELinux status: allowed
as first line here.

Seems to be covered under hence feel free to close this, however it would be nice if such errors could either provide more information or link to that part of the manual.

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