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[INTERLANG] input method list is displayed under the wrong language button
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Wrong display of input methods for newly selected language

When using the elipsis to change one of the languages in the 'input settings', the new language name is displayed on the second button but the input methods for the new language is displayed underneath the third button.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open the input settings from the 'Language Settings' panel
  2. Click on the button that is second or third in the row (ahead of the ellipsis)
  3. Click on the button with the ellipsis and select a language that is not present on the 3 buttons
  4. Check the displayed language name and input methods listed below it

Current behaviour:

  1. Button number 2 shows the name of the newly selected language
  2. The input methods of the language displayed on button number 2 are displayed under button number 3

[Screenshot attached]

Expected behaviour:

  1. Last active button shows the newly selected language's name
  2. The input method for the language is displayed under the appropriate button


This behaviour is not seen if the first button in the row (English) is the last selected button before the language selection is done

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Severity: normal




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