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Create list of eligible voters for 2013 Board election
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The set of requirements is here:
(Philippe can provide the last section, "Board members and advisory board members")

This will be used for a test SecurePoll (probably on testwiki) instance along with the real live version when the election opens.

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sudo -u apache foreachwiki extensions/SecurePoll/voterList.php --before=20130415000000 --edits=300 board-vote-2013

in progress....

It's now done on all wikis. With 73854 eligible on enwiki

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sudo -u apache foreachwiki extensions/SecurePoll/voterList.php
--before=20130415000000 --edits=300 board-vote-2013

in progress....

Does this also include editors who have 300 edits across multiple wikis but not 300 edits on any single wiki?

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sudo -u apache foreachwiki extensions/SecurePoll/voterList.php
--before=20130415000000 --edits=300 board-vote-2013

in progress....

Also, does it include the criterion for 20 edits between December 15, 2012 and April 30, 2013?

The voterlist script doesn't cater for anything non local, and neither do the config scripts

There is the following in the config, but I think it would have only the same limiatations
<property name="min-edits">300</property>

The SecurePoll does look for global blocks etc.

Based on the fact the polls run on meta, I'm guessing they should be aggregated on metawiki, and presumably is what the scripts in cli/voterList-bv2009 are for

There are also some "temporary" bv2009_edit tables, which I presume were generated on each wiki

See SecurePoll/cli/wm-scripts

Are we using SPI this year?

we are not using SPI this year as far (the key will be given to outside counsel but the whole system will remain on our servers).

I'm going to reopen for now because it sounds like we still have some issues in the lists. Making sure that the voter list includes people who have 300 edits globally but not on the local wiki is vital. My guess is that we have to remove the min-edits piece from the config completely (and probably the config piece about user creation data as well since they could have 'just' created their meta account or something).

Risker/Philippe/others. Do we remember if we traditionally had everyone voting on their local wikis?

I know that previous elections allowed you to vote when not all of your edits were on the same wiki as long as it was a global account (and used the 20 votes within the past couple months rule, it's basically the exact same requirements this year as last).

If anyone was watching the extension, they might have noticed I made a flurry of edits yesterday

I made copies and updated the board vote scripts for this year. There is a bv2013_edits table on all wikis, which is currently being populated. It's currently on enwiki, which is going to take a while (ofc)

When the populate edit count script is finished, we can run the voter list one to build the correct voter lists for this year

enwiki: enwiki: 19094211 users added

(In reply to comment #9)

enwiki: enwiki: 19094211 users added

Are you saying there are 19 million accounts on enwiki alone that meet the eligibility requirement? I'm having a problem with that number, which is way too high.

Is there now a second level that eliminates the accounts that do not have 20 recent edits?

No. That's an just edit count for every user, based on the date guidelines

A second script is needed to make the correct voter list

Both have now been run and finished using the customised versions for 2013