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right-zero-edit should be defined
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Description should contain something describing the right.

The current situation on is useless:

zero-edit (zero-edit)

A message for right-zero-edit should be added to WikimediaMessages, and the same for group-zeroadmin. Relevant qqq entries should be added at the same time

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Severity: trivial
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Same for grouppage-zeroadmin

Then the local customisation of should be removed

See also bug 47612

As above, these should live in WikimediaMessages

I asked for part of this at bug 47612. Since they said that those rights were going to be just for Meta-Wiki I created the local messages as suggested. The explanation didn't convice me much since the WikimediaMessages extension lists rights descriptions (such as centralnoticeadmin) which are Meta-specific too.

As such, local customisation performed in bug 47612#c4 would be removed once the appropiate changes are made and go live.

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A message exists in the ZeroRatedMobileAccess extensions: