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Request creation of stylized '?' and '؟' icons in SVG and PNG
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current question icon as used on page

As part of adding tooltips to the Echo preferences screen we added a '?' icon which is hovered over to bring up the tooltip.

Language Engineering has informed me that for inclusion in core we need to have an icon in both SVG and PNG formats and we need both a regular ? and an Arabic ؟.

We are currently using the attached 11x11 px question mark in the development patch(this icon was taken from the UploadWizard extension), you can use this as a base or do something different if you find it appropriate. Also attached is a screenshot of what the page looks like with the current icon in place.

Version: 1.22.0
Severity: normal




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standard question icon sourced from UploadWizard


Created attachment 12279
hover state question icon sourced from UploadWizard extension


I forgot to mention the icon we pulled in has a hover and normal state. I think having a hover is appropriate for this case (showing a tooltip), but since thats more your territory i will let you decide.