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Interlanguage links do not work inside labs environment
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When I access a wiki page on the labs environment with interlanguage links, these links are not linking to the language-specific versions of labs, but the real Wikipedias instead.

For example:
has a "Deustch" link that links to

The expected result would be it to link to the labs instance instead:

This is problematic when testing language tools where accessing different language versions of the site are accessed.

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The rebuildInterwiki.php script in mediawiki/extensions/WikimediaMaintenance would need to be adapted for beta. It is not that hard but definitely time consuming since it has been written for production.

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I have merged this one with T69931: Beta should not use productions interwiki.php which has a bit more details by @Reedy i.e.:

It's probably easiest to just run the script on beta, create it as interwiki-labs.cdb, commit it...

if ( file_exists( "$wmfConfigDir/interwiki.cdb" ) ) {
	$wgInterwikiCache = "$wmfConfigDir/interwiki.cdb";


$iwCacheFile = getRealmSpecificFilename( "$wmfConfigDir/interwiki.cdb" );
if ( file_exists( $iwCacheFile ) ) {
	$wgInterwikiCache = $iwCacheFile;
unset( $iwCacheFile );

Should be trivial

That covers my comment about 'WikimediaMaintenance [..] has been written for production'