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QR Code Generator (Quick response) extension
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A QR code generator for the current URL (perhaps a language-independent, mobile-friendly one such as at provides) would I think be a useful item to have accessible on each page (maybe to the print/export area?) for anyone wishing to easily share a link to a mobile user (including oneself). Thanks!

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Should be relatively simple to do... The OATHAuth extension has the qr functionality (using JS libraries)

konarak.11 wrote:

I've written an extension as well as a gadget for this.
The extension code is available at

Related URL: (Gerrit Change Ic49d97d9af0ac2ce29191774ecdc914124d03d86)

basil wrote:

Please mark this Patch to review

This seems to be even fixed, as the patch to create "QuickResponse" got committed?