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T4007: Tracking bug (tracking)
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T49813: VisualEditor: Clicking away before VE loads completely throws JS error
T49803: VisualEditor: For images, ensure that the HTML structure rendered in VE is the same as output by PHP parser so that styles/scripts work as expected and images look normal
T49795: VisualEditor: Backspace over lists doesn't delete the LIs
T49788: VisualEditor: Coordinate template on dewiki not alienated
T49752: VisualEditor: No warning is shown when saving a page without an edit summary despite user preference
T49730: VisualEditor: Message <visualeditor-feedback-link> should be used in content language
T49687: VisualEditor: Pawn ♙ appears when two paragraphs of different language are next to each other(?)
T49684: VisualEditor: VE tab is on the left (not right) of the "edit source" tab in RTL languages
T49683: VisualEditor: Warn the user more prominently that they are editing an out-dated version of the page
T49676: VisualEditor: Re-label the 'cancel' toolbar message to 'exit without saving'
T49672: VisualEditor: Sequential floated images are stacking
T49581: VisualEditor: API paction=serialize should say so if Parsoid is unavailable (instead of status "success" with missing content)
T49557: VisualEditor: Clean up the way that VE must be configured per wiki
T49453: VisualEditor: VE tab missing oldid when using edit source on an oldid
T46084: VisualEditor: Insertion tools (link inspector, media inserter, reference, reference list, …) don't work in slugs
T46083: VisualEditor: Placing the cursor in a slug doesn't cause a contextChange event
T46078: VisualEditor: Cursor jumps when backspacing character after alien node
T49424: VisualEditor: Deleting to/from a blank lines fails
T49421: VisualEditor: "Edit source" tab text should be "Create source" or similar when page is non-existent
T49373: VisualEditor: Round-tripping failure - Extra newline added at end of body
T49329: VisualEditor: Refuse to load for pages which are redirects
T50814: VisualEditor: List langlinks (readonly) in the meta-data dialog
T45844: VisualEditor: Browser back button should work as expected
T50681: VisualEditor: Clicking Notices button or closing its dialog scrolls user back to the top
T50662: VisualEditor: Toolbar floats only down to the top of the last BranchNode (which isn't always at the end)
T50658: Enable section-editing on 'beta' profile of VisualEditor deployments
T50630: VisualEditor: Data model needs characters, not code points
T50605: VisualEditor: Empty annotations are dropped
T50604: VisualEditor: Selecting and copying one node throws an exception
T50603: VisualEditor: [Regression] Cursor should move to end of inserted contents after paste
T50584: VisualEditor: 'Review and save' disabled after undo on oldid page
T50565: VisualEditor: Can't move to last item in category dialog suggester box with cursors
T50561: VisualEditor: Make a toolbar button to trigger the meta-data inspector
T50560: VisualEditor: Category changing in page doesn't cause footer to be updated on save
T50549: VisualEditor: Clicking link button while link inspector is already open throws error
T50526: VisualEditor: Pressing Enter in a heading at the beginning breaks in Firefox
T50530: VisualEditor: Image resize handles persist on close
T50509: VisualEditor: [Regression] Link inspector button doesn't work
T48871: VisualEditor: mw.ViewPageTarget tabLayout should be configurable as part of mw-config
T50476: VisualEditor: MWLinkTargetInputWidget should grok case sensitivity of suggested page title vs. the inputed text
T50468: VisualEditor: Pawn appears when creating new list item in Firefox
T50464: VisualEditor: Heading on a slug is created on the wrong line in Firefox
T50428: VisualEditor: Remove alpha notice
T40546: VisualEditor: Arrow keys move the caret in the opposite direction in RTL environment
T50387: Images: Image links are interpreted as image inclusions
T50385: VisualEditor: Delete contents of slugged paragraph results in double line break visible
T50366: VisualEditor: Can't delete-merge two paragraphs together if the first one ends with an inline-alien
T41976: VisualEditor: Links in the CE surface should have the "cursor:pointer;" CSS attribute
T50347: VisualEditor: "This is a minor edit" is not auto checked in save dialog if the "minordefault" preference is on
T50346: VisualEditor: Editing a block level slug causes pawns to be inserted, content corruption
T50335: VisualEditor: Re-factor key detection to be more robust and not occasionally break/pawn in Firefox
T50289: VisualEditor: Keyboard up/down selection sometimes (but not always) selects two lines rather than one in Firefox
T50288: VisualEditor: Tab in a slug in Firefox causes a pawn character to be inserted
T45333: VisualEditor: Add a (small) left margin to the CE so that users can select whole lines at once
T50272: VisualEditor: Over-ride browser window/tab title to show you're in editing mode
T50254: VisualEditor: Alienation shield for images in table are not the right size, so images are still clickable
T50195: VisualEditor: Don't close/re-open annotation when pasting text into a comparable context
T50171: VisualEditor: Typing at the end of linked causes DM and CE to get out of sync
T50166: VisualEditor: Unexpected non-pawn characters appear after CTRL-B and CTRL-I
T50159: VisualEditor: Pre-annotations not working in spans
T45146: VisualEditor: A slug's new contents appear not to get inserted into the DM in at least once case
T41632: VisualEditor: Switch post-edit feedback to use Extension:PostEdit (once that's core-ified)
T50060: VisualEditor: Link inspector shouldn't correct newly-created [[Foo|foo]] to [[Foo]]
T45103: VisualEditor: Slug oddness - Prepending text to article starting with {{Infobox ..}} removes the entire article
T45102: VisualEditor: Slug oddness - new text in list item before alien node is ignored
T45091: VisualEditor: Switch over edit-success notice to use the deployed one
T45082: VisualEditor: Race condition between "Beginning of Line" and "New Line" operations
T41599: VisualEditor: Support references
T41597: VisualEditor: Support categories
T41598: VisualEditor: Support templates
T45081: VisualEditor: Select All + Delete removes all text from sight, but not internally
T40128: VisualEditor should not try to initialise if no ContentEditable support
T50024: VisualEditor: Pawn characters created when moving cursors around inline images in Firefox
T43193: VisualEditor: Support copy and paste from other VE instances (surfaces)
T49947: VisualEditor: JS exception is thrown when trying to use list (ordered or bullet) tool in block slug
T49943: VisualEditor: heading removal adds ♙
T43150: VisualEditor: Click-dragging of media items to move them
T40011: VisualEditor: Triple-click to select block level element
T43093: VisualEditor: Cursor jumps at the top/bottom of page after particular deletions/moves
T43067: VisualEditor: Pawn ♙ appears after deleting list and moving cursor
T46444: VisualEditor: Implement TemplateData extension and get it deployed for the Template Inspector
T44522: VisualEditor: Integrate edit conflict confirmation into the save dialog
Jdforrester-WMF, Krinkle, TrevorParscal and 2 others

Tracker for the bugs/enhancements that should be done for the beta.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal

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Bugs tracking bugs that track bugs aren't hugely useful; let's kill this one.

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