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Changes on Wikidata should update the notification timestamp on the client
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Changes on Wikidata should update the notification timestamp, which is used (among other things) to highlight unseen changes on the watchlist.

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This seems to work, at least in my last tests the notification timestamp was updated correctly. I'm not sure why it didn't work when I reported this bug, but unless I or somebody else can reproduce this, I'll close this bug soon.

It happened again: I'm really sure, that I did not visit [[de:Vorlage:Personendaten]], but yet after the change to the linked Wikidata item the notification timestamp is unset:




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A screenshot of my watchlist in en.wikipedia to illustrate the problem (note that en.wikipedia uses some CSS to make the bullets green for changes that are not visited according to the notification timestamp):

watchlist.png (123×630 px, 6 KB)

I can see that the change to Rtd's talk page is new, but I do not know whether I already saw the change to the item about Unicode (in fact, I didn't, so the bullet should be green).

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Seems to be fixed.