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VisualEditor: Image in template gets cut off
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When editing the top of the Wikimedia logo in the template at the bottom of the page is cut off. (It might also be hidden behind the grey bar or something.)

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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Low.Nov 22 2014, 1:35 AM
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I cannot reproduce this using either Firefox or Chrome - which browser(s) does this appear in? Do you have a screenshot I could see? Does it still appear?

Created attachment 12328
screenshot of the issue in chromium in kubuntu


We aim to render templates as similarly as possible, but there are some exceptions at this time. One such exception is that protected elements and their child elements positioned as 'absolute' or 'fixed' will be changed to relative. Protected elements are usually non-text or generated elements like images or templates.

Specifically in this case the CSS rule for elements that match '.ve-ce-alienNode, .ve-ce-alienNode *' is being used to set all elements relative. In a more recent version of the code this rule is now renamed to '.ve-ce-protectedNode, .ve-ce-protectedNode *' but it's effect is the same.

We should probably be only applying relative positioning to elements that are actually positioned 'absolute' or 'fixed', because it's currently being applied to an element that's positioned 'static'.

This happens in any article that uses the following template with an image, which is lots and lots and lots

And the German template appears on many other languages as well.